Lift Irrigation

SPB introduced an innovative scheme for using its treated effluent. Even though it’s treated water meets the surface water discharge standards, instead of letting it into the river SPB diverts its treated water for the cultivation of sugarcane, transforming non-arable dry land to wet land SPB’s structured Lift Irrigation project model, has converted the surrounding dry lands into wetlands providing a vast green belt. SPB has entered into a tripartite agreement with the local farmers society and its sister concern Ponni Sugars (Erode). Under this agreement the treated water from SPB is supplied free to the local farmers for the cultivation of sugarcane. The farmers in turn sell the sugarcane they produce to Ponni Sugars. Ponni Sugars uses the sugarcane to produce sugar and supplies its by-product bagasse to SPB.

This unique model has transformed the livelihood of the local farming community and has provided a reliable and continuous supply of essential raw material for not only SPB but also Ponni Sugars. This unique method has won the admiration of nations worldwide.