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" SPB produces a wide range of products such as printing and writing papers, packing and wrapping papers and speciality papers. SPB also has branded products namely, "SPrint", "Colour Sprint", "Index", SprintPlus", "Success" etc. "
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SPB, Tirunelveli: Machines And Products

Particulars MF
Deckle,cm 420-425
Capacity t/day 250
Configuration Fourdrinier
Special Features Speed Sizer
Substance gsm 50 -140
Products Superfine - (NSS)
Superfine - NSS (HiBulk)
Superfine - NSS (Natural Shade)
Superfine - NSS (Pink Shade)
Silver Brite -(SS)
Silver Brite - SS (Natural shade)
Silver Brite -SS (Pink Shade)
Copier - SS (American a4)
De inking plant (Metso) Capacity 300 t